The Fundamental Four

There are four basic computer skills that all students need to succeed in school, on online assessments, and with computer use beyond school.  These skills are so basic and commonplace that we forget that they need be taught.  I call these "The Fundamental Four" and they include Mouse Skills, Website Navigation, how to Drag and Drop, and basic Keyboarding.  The Fundamental Four are the foundation for all other computer skills and will make learning future computer skills simpler and less stressful.


Grades 3-5

This website teaches students
how to drag and drop Blockley

Learn to build a house
using drag and drop tools. You
need the latest Flash player
to use this site.

Click and Drag for Spatial Concepts
Move animals by clicking and dragging from
place to place.  Reinforce concepts such
as up, down, below, underneath, above
and more!