Dear students, I am very sorry that I am not working with you face to face.  The best thing about teaching is the children.  I hope you and your family are safe during this difficult time.  Please check the school website every day and make sure you read and do some math activities that have been provided by your classroom teachers.  I miss you very much.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions for me.

                                       Welcome to 

Mrs. Simms's Class

June 1st- June 5th
Let's create your own planet.
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4th Grade Writing

June 1st-June 5th
What does it mean when your teacher asks you to infer?
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4th Grade Reading

May 26-May 29
What are you good at? Tell us about it.
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4th Grade Writing

May 26-May29
What are story elements?
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4th Grade reading

May 18- May 22
Create your own animal in writing
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4th Grade writing

May 18- May 22
Finding the theme in your reading
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4th Grade Reading

May 11- May 15
What are your wishes? 
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4th Grade Writing

May 11-May 15
This week reading, looking for facts and opinions
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4th Grade Reading

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Third Grade Activity Board
May 4- May 8

4 Grade 
May 4- May 8
Looking for Cause and Effect
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Reading Activity

4th Grade
May 4-May 8
Create a comic book character
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Writing Activity

4th Grade
April 27-May 1
Extra reading Help
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Main Idea and Details

4th Grade
April 27-May 1
Extra Writing Help
Writing-How to make a Sandwich

4th Grade Weekly Objectives
April 20-24th 
Extra Reading Help

Extra Writing Help


Extra Math Help




Daily Schedule

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3:50 Dismissal

Encore Schedule

    Day 1       PE
Day 2 Music
Day 3 Art
Day 4 PE
Day 5 Week A - Library
Week B - Guidance