Please see the links below for different resources!

Emergency Housing Assistance Program: Below are flyers for Prince William County's COVID-19 emergency housing assistance program, as well as a link for the PWCS housing portal. After you register on the portal, you will be able to find the online application for the housing assistance program. 
Emergency Housing Assistance Program Flyer (English)
Emergency Housing Assistance Program Flyer (Spanish): This also provides the paper application, that can be printed, filled out, and mailed to the address listed. 
Prince William County Housing Portal

Nutrition Program:
Prince William County is offering a nutrition program for families either online or over the phone for free.  You must be eligible for SNAP to be able to participate.  Below are the links to the flyer in English and Spanish. 
Nutrition Program Flyer (English)
Nutrition Program Flyer (Spanish)

Care for Caregivers: Tips for Parents and Educators: This website provides tips for caregivers on how to still care for themselves in a crisis/stressful time. 

COVID-19 Resources from The National Association of School Psychologists:
Talking to Children About COVID-19: A Parent Resource
Countering COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Stigma and Racism: Tips for Parents and Caregivers

Common Sense Media: This website gives reviews of movies, apps, books, and other forms of media so you can have a better idea if it is appropriate for your child.

Family Support Resources: A list of different resources to help during digital learning and helping your family deal with the pandemic. 

Tele-Mental Health Resources: Provides a list of mental health counselors who are providing virtual counseling during this time.

Wifi Hotspots: Provides locations for wifi hotspots that can be accessed in your car.

Zones of Regulation Activities: Zones of Regulation "is a self-regulation tool to help kids identify, address, and use strategies to achieve self-control and emotional regulation.