Internet Safety Resources for Parents, Teachers and Students


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NetSmart Kids Internet Safety Site

Netsmartz Kids

An Age appropriate site with resources to help children learn to be safer on an offline. 

Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety

An interactive guide to staying safe on the internet.  This site addresses cyber bullying, identity theft, plagiarism, computer viruses, and general internet safety.

ATT Safety Land

AT&T Safety Land

Welcome to Safety Land!  Help Captain Broadband find the nasty character who is sending kids yucky emails they don't want to see.  Use your mouse or keyboard to help Captain Broadband search through each of Safety Land's eight buildings and help him answer questions.  When you get the questions right, the nasty character goes to jail and you become a hero!  
Get Net Wise


             A website on Internet Safety for teachers and parents.  Includes up to date research on media use by children and teens.

Google Safety Center

Google Safety Center 

Help your family stay safe when using new technologies, gadgets, and services.

I Keep Safe

I Keep Safe Parent and Educator Resources

Educator resources on Digital Citizenship, Privacy & Security and Trainings & Education.  Check our Faux Paw the Techno Cat, an interactive source on keeping safe online.

PBS Webinauts

PBS Webonauts

Website created by the Public Broadcasting Station.  Includes parent and educator information and interactive activities for students.
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